Welcome to the online work-in-progress home of Jan Ashton, the author of A Searing Acquaintance, a modern update of Pride & Prejudice, as well as two dozen short JAFF stories I like to think brim with romance, humor and bits of history. Please take a second to learn a little more about me and to find out about my current projects by clicking on this page’s bells and whistles. I’m more of a writer than a social media maven, but I’m dipping my toe in with a blog that will focus on themes in my novel, including The Made-Up Backstories, Mysteries and Myths of Darcy’s Parents; Central Park’s Greatest Movie Scenes; and The Evolution of Snark.

I’d love for you to leave a thought in the Comments section, but if you’re introverted or reserved (like the master of Pemberley, perhaps?), that’s fine. Just read along and know I am happy to have you stop by for a visit.

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